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#17 Aberdare Range

The Aberdare Range marks the third highest elevation of Kenya, rising as the eastern wall of the Rift Valley. Covered by a patchwork of bamboo thickets, rainforests and moorlands, parts of the mountains remind of Scotland – except for the elephants and lions roaming it. The Aberdare are a paradise for outdoor lovers who cherish hiking, trout fishing, stunning views of Mount Kenya, the vista of the highest waterfalls in the country and an unexpected encounter with giant forest hog, the endangered black rhino or the shy bongo antelope. Not surprisingly, this wilderness served as a safe hideout for the Mau Mau freedom fighters. On the lower slopes, tea and coffee gardens, the picturesque town of Nyeri and the mythical birth place of the Kikuyu people can be visited. But don't forget proper clothing – it often rains on one of Kenya's water towers!