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The Trust

Who We Are

We are a trust based in Nairobi, founded to identify, document and promote the popular and lesser known tourist attractions of Kenya in connection with the country's 50th anniversary of independence as 'The 50 Treasures of Kenya' – a single Treasure for each year of independence.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust are to:

  • increase the knowledge, curiosity and excitement about Kenya as the travel destination of choice.
  • lobby for a better, fairer image of Kenya as a safe, dynamic and modern nation.
  • expand and intensify domestic and international tourism to new areas.
  • expose the full diversity of Kenya's tourism products.
  • promote Kenya as a sustainable destination and sustainable tourism as a powerful tool for development.
  • lobby for the protection of Kenya's precious heritage.
  • bring Kenyans together, enhancing peace and national cohesion.
  • boost Kenyan patriotism and its beneficial utilization for sustainable development.
  • celebrate our nation.


Our slogan is 'Treasure Kenya! Know. Explore. Protect. Celebrate.'

To truly treasure Kenya's magnificence, more people not only have to fully know and explore Kenya's attractions, but also care for their protection. The occasion of independent Kenya's 50th birthday is the time to celebrate, looking back at where we have come from and envisioning where we are heading to.


We envisage a prosperous Kenya.

From a national perspective, our vision is a peaceful, fair and evenly developed nation, using its natural, cultural and human resources in the most effective and sustainable way.

From an international perspective, our vision is a nation with a fair and positive image in the world that attracts more visitors and investors.


The mission of the Trust is to initiate and steer the identification and documentation of the 50 Treasures of Kenya as well as to form an initiative with relevant organizations and individuals striving for the protection and sustainable use of Kenya’s human resources as well as the cultural and natural heritage through the promotion of sustainable tourism and local development.


The goals of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust are to:

  • contribute to the packaging, promotion, marketing and protection of Kenya's rich and diverse cultural and natural heritage.
  • disclose and highlight Kenya's known and unknown beauty to Kenyans and people abroad.