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#12 Amboseli & Chyulu Hills

Elephants herds in front of snow covered Kilimanjaro are one of the continent's icons, and only Amboseli offers this spectacular view. In fact, the peak regarded as an abode of Mungu, God, is the all provider of animal and man, as its snowmelt feeds springs that create an oasis of fever trees and green swamps surrounded by dusty savannah, boiling volcanic rock and endless salt plains, where silhouettes of animals turn into weird mirages. At the northern rim of Amboseli plains rise the Chyulu Hills, one of the planet's youngest mountain chains with peculiar volcanic cones, lava fields and caves. It offers great vistas to Kilimanjaro and a population of greater kudu, topi, elephant and other wildlife. The Maasai people and their pastoralist culture complete of what tourism in the region is about. Are you ready to capture the African tourism icon?