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#7 Central Coast

The central part of coast, stretching between Mtwapa in the south and Malindi in the north, became one of Kenya's first holiday destinations because of its vast, spotless, sandy beaches. Towns dotting this stretch of coast all have their own specific character. Kilifi’s popular resorts give you a tantalizing view of its turquoise creek, while Watamu, which started as a fishing village, boasts what is possibly the most attractive marine park in Kenya, and Malindi has a rich heritage and a uniquely Italian influence, earning it the nickname “little Italy”. Kenya’s Central Coast offers water sports like game fishing, sailing, kite surfing, diving and snorkeling, and manifold opportunities to shop, go out, dine and party. You can encounter the traditional lifestyle and culture of the coastal people, discover the mysteriously overgrown ruins of Gedi, explore Arabuko Sokoke Forest or be one of the few who marvels at the colored canyons of Marafa.