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#22 Chalbi Desert & Huri Hills

Inside Chalbi desert, a huge salt pan east of Lake Turkana, there is no oasis. Amazingly, you might still come across oryx, ostrich or even endangered Grevy zebra galloping across the great, shimmering whiteness. After the rains, the bone dry land turns into a shallow lake. On its northern fringes, where the wind piles up sand dunes, a chain of oases nourishes vast palm grooves. The precious greenery attracts flocks of sand grouse and Gabbra pastoralists alike, who bring their camels in the hundreds to drink. The colorful dresses, the singing and the dancing of their women appear as a celebration of life in an otherwise hostile environment. Even further north rise the Huri Hills which comfort the sweating traveler with moderate temperatures and distant views over a boiling country. Are you ready for another of Kenya's extremes? Then come along for a desert safari!