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#42 Cherangani Hills & Uasin Gishu

There are unheard of places which come as a revelation when you visit them for the first time. Cherangani Hills, Kenya's fourth highest elevation surely falls into this category. Forming part of the northwestern wall of the Rift Valley, the mountains boast a remarkable diversity of pretty landscapes, ranging from plenty of indigenous forest, green meadows on rolling slopes to exposed hilltops that offer impressive views over the fertile plains of Uasin Gishu stretching westward to Mount Elgon and into the hot Kerio valley in the east. Although virtually unknown, the Cherangani Hills surely have a huge tourism potential and could be a paradise for hikers. Significant settlements in the region include bustling Eldoret, Kenya's fifth biggest city, and Iten, 'the Home of Champions', where most of Kenya's famous runners have stemmed from.