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#43 Gusii Land

Located in southwestern Kenya, Gusii land is another little known Treasure that rarely attracts any travelers. The hilly, fertile region east of Lake Victoria's shoreline offers beautiful scenery and picturesque daily life of rural Kenya. A chessboard of neatly fenced farms with tidy homes covers the green backs of the Gusii hills, that carry also coffee gardens and lush stands of banana trees. Not far from buzzing Kisii, the regional center and its colorful markets, the village of Tabaka boasts the world's most important soapstone mines, offering shopping opportunities for locally crafted curios and artefacts from the soft stone. Natural attractions of the region are the Oyugis Pelicanry as well as Mount Moita and its forests. If you feel like having a stopover during the journey between Masai Mara and Africa's biggest lake, become an agro-tourist for a day or two.