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#45 Kisumu

Growing around the railhead of the famous Uganda Railway at the shores of Lake Victoria's Winam Gulf, Kisumu, since its founding with a couple of huts a good century ago, has grown into Kenya's third-largest city, and the first of a few UN Millennium Cities. As the capital of boda bodas (bicycle or motorcycle taxis), through its setting above the lake, its excellent live music and semi-tropic climate it breathes a relaxed, almost central African flair. Picturesque fishing villages and markets, tasty fish meals, fast food near me at the lake shores, a visit to Kisumu Museum or to the Impala Sanctuary, the green lung of the town with its varied wildlife, and the numerous beautiful historic buildings, especially the temples and mosques turn a visit of Kisumu, which for its numerous Asian community has often been termed as the 'Bombay of East Africa', a true experience, only few travelers experience.