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#34 Lake Bogoria & Lake Baringo

As similar as the names of Bogoria and Baringo might appear and both lie on approximately the same altitude, the two Rift Valley lakes couldn't be much more different. Bogoria is an alkaline lake replete with geysers and mineral spas for you to indulge in. It constitutes one of the few conservation areas you may even enter by foot or bicycle to encounter huge flamingo flocks, greater kudu, zebra, buffalo and other game in front of the dramatic backdrop of the Rift Valley's eastern walls. Baringo however, is one of the two freshwater lakes of the Kenyan Rift Valley which nourishes healthy fish, bird, hippo and crocodile populations. So when you explore the lake shores and its islands, home to the Njemps people, make sure you keep your body out of the water, so that your weekend trip becomes a fantastic one.