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#35 Lake Magadi, Nguruman Escarpment & Mount Suswa

Lying merely 80 kilometers southwest of the capital Nairobi, Lake Magadi and its surroundings are worlds apart. Once you start descending into Rift Valley, you enter the territory of the Maasai pastoralists. The region of Lake Magadi is dry, dusty and hot. Yet it holds many attractions: the salt lake itself with its hot springs, flamingo flocks and white salt cover that appears to be ice, mocking the prevailing heat. There is Olorgessailie, possibly the most impressive prehistoric site in Kenya, beautiful conservancies protecting plains game, Nguruman Escarpment with waterfalls, wildlife and stunning views, and not to forget the volcanoes of the region, be it Shompole or Suswa caldera and its impressive lava caves. Welcome to a weekend getaway with this out of the world feel!