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#24 Lake Turkana, Eastern Shores

The eastern shores of the planet's biggest permanent desert lake offer untamed landscapes of islands, shorelines, deserts, volcanos and forested mountains inhabited by a multitude of pastoralist peoples of diverse traditions, each having their own cultural attires. The cultural diversity of Samburu, Turkana, Rendille, El Molo, Dasanach, Gabbra and other tribes is hard to find anywhere else in Africa anymore. But the eastern shores of the lake hold many more attractions – such as South Island National Park, the forest covered biosphere of Mount Kulal or the largest collection of rock art in Eastern Africa. But the lighthouse attraction of the Treasure is Koobi Fora inside Sibiloi National Park, often termed as the Cradle of Mankind for its spectacular archeological findings of early man. Make a journey to the Jade Sea, come home to the place we stemmed from!