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#46 Lake Victoria & Islands

Priding itself the biggest of all African lakes, Lake Victoria, its coastline and islands form a Treasure of unmatched beauty. In the trees along the shores, fish eagles call to each other with long haunting cries. Sunrise and sunset turn the water into gold, as the local fishermen in their canoes pull in their nets and slowly turn for home. The biggest islands in this kingdom of water, sky, clouds and wind are Rusinga Island, known for significant prehistoric findings, the Tom Mboya Memorial and an exclusive fishing resort, Mfangano Island with mysterious rock art sites and a long undisturbed shoreline, as well as Ndere Island which is home to a unique national park. Wherever you go, bring plenty of time and let the friendly lake people show you their traditional lives, as they take you for a ride on a longboat lake taxi or an angling trip to catch the enormous Nile Perch.