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#38 Loita & Lebetero Hills

Between the world-famous Masai Mara reserve and the deep cut of the Great Rift Valley stand the Loita and Lebetero Hills, which raise to an altitude of 2,642 meters. Lying off the trodden paths and being hard to reach by car, the mountains are hardly ever explored by travelers. This surely has greatly contributed to their untamed character, which again makes them the terrain for intrepid minds who can cherish the green mountains with their forest patches, small streams and meadows in the absence of any comfort. Many of the animals roaming the Mara plains during the Great Migration return to the hills in the drier times of the year, where they share their habitat with Maasai pastoralist of the most authentic culture. So if all this appears rewarding enough, get prepared for a trip into the wilderness of Loita and Lebetero hills.