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#26 Mandera

Covering the north eastern tip of Kenya, the Mandera Treasure is sandwiched between Ethiopia and Somalia. Vast distances from the developed south, lacking infrastructure, harsh environments and fragile security make Mandera one of the least known Kenyan regions of all. But the deserts and semi deserts have their spell! It is the call of wide skies, intense colors and brilliantly sparkling stars at night. Malka Mari National Park has made it to most maps even though it is not developed for tourism. So if you happen to ever reach it, you might call yourself member of a very exclusive club, and that equally is true for the Daua River and Malka Mari fort. Mandera's hills and valleys are inhabited by nomadic herders of the Gurreh and other Somali tribes. Have you ever wondered how the furthest north eastern tip of Kenya looks like? Then find out more about Mandera!