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#40 Mau Forest & Kericho

If you ever fly over Mau forest, you will be reminded of the Congo as you see a green, impenetrable forest covering hills and valleys below. What you will be witnessing is the biggest single remaining rainforest patch and the largest water catchment area of the country, which is the origin of many rivers. And it is the ancestral home to the Ogiek people, one of Kenya's first nations who have sustained themselves as honey hunters and gatherers, safeguarding the forest from destruction as they cherish it as their all-providing stamping ground. Those who seek their guiding services may experience a moist, dim world of indigenous plant species and elusive forest animals. Thanks to the forest's rain making, the regions around Mau produce some of the best tea in the world and you must not miss to visit the bright green plantations of Kenya's tea capital, once you are in the Kericho area.