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#19 Middle Tana River

After River Tana has fed the rice schemes of Mwea, donated its strength for hydro power generation in a series of reservoirs at Masinga and coiled around Mount Kenya, it enters an untamed wilderness which is amongst the least travelled wildlife paradises of Kenya. Five conservation areas form one huge tract of nature which is bisected by the turmoiled, crocodile infested Tana: Meru, a savannah park blessed with a wide array of wildlife and good views of Nyambene hills and Mount Kenya; Kora National Park, former home to George Adamson, the famous lion man, and giant rock outcrops; Mwingi North, Rahole and Bisanadi National Reserves, which offer a wide variety of plains game, hippo and crocodile and excellent bird viewing experiences. Do you feel your explorer's genes? Then reach out for the Middle Tana Treasure!