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#47 Mount Elgon & Trans Nzoia

Rising from the jungles, Mount Elgon is an impressive extinct volcano shared with neighboring Uganda. Traditionally known as the 'Mountain of the Breast', Kenya's second highest peak is ancient beyond comprehension. Farms, tea gardens and thick indigenous forests with magnificent trees cover its lower slopes. Inside Mount Elgon National Park, visitors may detect massive caves and waterfalls, as well as elephant, De Brazza and Colobus monkey, bushbuck, waterbuck and even zebra. Conquering the summit on foot demands fitness, proper clothing and time, but it will be an unforgettable outdoor experience. Other attractions in the vicinity of Mount Elgon comprise of Kakabel rock art site, the mountain town of Kitale, the fertile Trans Nzoia plains and Saiwa Swamp, the smallest national park in Kenya, which is home to the semi-aquatic Sitatunga antelope.