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#20 Mount Kenya & Nyambene Hills

Mount Kenya, Africa's second highest peak, towers at 5,199 m. Whether gazing down from the glacier covered summits over afro-alpine moorlands, diverse forests and fertile farmland to the surrounding plains, or marveling at the snow tipped peaks rising exactly on the equator from the hot lowlands, you will definitely feel Mount Kenya to be one of the most impressive landscapes in the whole of Africa. That makes it easy to understand why the Kikuyu, Meru and Embu people living in the vicinity regard it as a holy mountain, deified in traditional rituals, prayers and sacrifices. To them, Mount Kenya is divine whereas to travelers this mountain fortress is a wonderful terrain to explore its nature with hiking boots. God must be so rich to set up homes in some of the most pristine sceneries of Central Kenya. Come, discover what attracted Him here!