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#48 Nandi Hills & Escarpment

The aroma of green tea is what fills the air if you decide to take a walk in the Nandi Hills, and you surely will marvel tea pickers with their huge baskets who harvest the valuable leafs in unbelievable speed. As the Nandi hills stand in the northeast of Lake Victoria, the proximity of Africa's largest lake sends thick rainclouds which again sustain the beautiful green tables of huge tea plantations. But much of the hills is also covered by vast stretches of indigenous and exotic forests. Where the vegetation permits a view into the distance, the panorama of the plains and the lake far below is just stunning. The Nandi people, formerly a combative pastoralist community, put up a lot of resistance towards the advancing British colonialists and the building of the railway line. Today, they are majorly farmers and their fighting spirit is merely visible at major sport events, as a large number of Kenya's top runners come from their ranks.