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#28 Samburu, Buffalos Springs, Shaba & Lewa

North of Mount Kenya, various conservancies and exceptional national reserves along the Ewaso Ngiro River mark a region with high wildlife numbers and exceptionally beautiful scenery. The banks of the river are fringed with riverine forests and doum palm thickets, while the conservancies further north are dominated by impressive granite kopjes, such as the mighty Ollolokwe. Lewa Conservancy, the southernmost of the protected areas and a pioneer in supporting Maasai and Samburu communities to run their own nature reserves, offers spectacular vistas of Mount Kenya. All of them share impressive elephant herds and the northern dryland fauna, such as Grevy's zebra, reticulated giraffe and beisa oryx. Reachable on tarmac, this region constitutes an outback for starters. So dare, come, and experience a scent of the wild north!