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#29 Samburu West & Maralal

Northwest of the Laikipia plains rise the forested Karisia hills with their impressive stands of African cedar, prunus, olive trees and precious sandal wood. Abruptly, they break off into the northern Rift Valley, explaining the name of a breathtaking viewpoint: The world's end. Surrounded by green hills often draped in morning mist, lies Maralal, the capital town of the region. Although still a timid town today, 50 years ago it was far enough from the rest of Kenya to internalize the political leader Jomo Kenyatta at the eve of independence. Kenyatta House, the comfortable cage of Mzee, today a national monument, can be visited. Maralal also boasts a wildlife sanctuary where game and Samburu cattle grazes alongside peacefully. The biggest event is a yearly Maralal Camel Derby, which lures riders, travelers and Samburu pastoralist with their fascinating culture - also you?