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#49 Siaya

Ask any regular tourist about Siaya and its Treasures and expect a facial expression of ignorance. But it is here, in the far West of Kenya, that you can experience unique cultural sites, such as the center of the Wanga Kingdom, Kogelo, the home village of US President Barack Obama's Kenyan family, the impressive, holy rock formations of legendary Kit Mikayi, which hold a shelter and a prayer shrine, and sure enough Got Ramogi, the mythical origin of the Luo people. But Siaya also has natural bounty, be it the incredible beauty of its Lake Victoria shoreline composed of bays, islets and fishing villages, the waterfalls and swamps formed by River Yala and finally Lake Kanyaboli, Kenya's only ox bow lake with its rich birdlife, rare fish species and wildlife, protected by Kenya's youngest national reserve.