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#10 South Coast

The coastline south of Mombasa, with its palm fringed white sand beaches, warm turquoise waters and beautiful coral reefs, fulfills the notion of a tropical paradise. Diani is the major resort with kilometers of beach, guarded by hotels of international standard, while Tiwi, Msambweni and Shimoni are rather secluded coastal villages, hidden in mangrove forests and palm grooves, promising you more of tranquility and traditional flair. Once you get tired of water sports and relaxing on the beach, you can explore the world heritage site of a Kaya forest, a cultural and spiritual center for the local Mijikenda people and a treasure trove of rare plants, butterflies and birds, or make a safari to the Shimba Hills National Reserve with its elephants and rare sable antelopes, or pay Wasini island and Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park an unforgettable underwater visit. Kenya’s south coast has everything you could wish for.