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#41 Suguta Valley

Following reports about cattle rustlers in Suguta Valley, one would likely doubt that the hottest and most barren region of Kenya sensationally labelled 'the Valley of Death' could be a tourist attraction. Yes, the stretch of the Rift Valley between Lake Baringo and Lake Turkana is unforgivingly hot. But it also offers some of the most spectacular desert landscapes, well protected by their inaccessibility. So if you want to experience the majestic Cathedral Rock, the flamingo flocks of Lake Logipi, the beautiful sand dunes or peculiar mushroom rocks, there are only two ways, and both will cost you a hefty price: To walk on foot, only assisted by donkeys as there is no road system descending hundreds of meters from the surrounding highlands, and paying with liters of your precious sweat. Or you fly in by chopper and pay a bill as high as the valley is deep.