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#13 Taita, Sagalla & Kasigau Hills

Located in the southwest of Kenya, Taita, Sagalla and Kasigau Hills as well as their sun-torched surroundings form a unique set of landscapes and ecosystems. The tips of the inselbergs are covered with moist cloud forests that are home to a number endemic plants, butterflies, birds and reptiles. On clear days, you enjoy stunning views of Kilimanjaro and the terrace farms of the Taita and Sagalla people. In this remote region much of their traditional culture based on a special relationship with their ancestors has survived. In the lowlands, Taita Conservancy and a number of other evolving protected areas strive to safeguard the vast expanses of dry bush and savannah surrounding the southern arch mountains, keeping animal corridors between Tsavo East and West open, as well as offering some exceptional safari experiences for the visitor to the area.