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#11 Tana River Delta & Lower Tana River

On the remote shores of Kenya’s Northern coast, the mighty clay-red waters of Tana River form an expansive river delta before meeting with the Indian Ocean. Sometimes referred to as the “little Okavango”, the delta of Kenya’s longest river is home to four ethnic communities of farmers, pastoralist and fishermen, and an abundance of bird- and wildlife, who all have adopted to the rhythm of flooding and receding waters of river and sea. Further upstream, Tana River Primate Reserve protects rare riverine forests which are home to two of Kenya's rarest monkeys, while neighboring conservation areas offer plains game a safe living. Whether exploring a river filled with hippos and crocodiles or swimming in the blue waters of the ocean – you are most likely to enjoy these impressions for your own, as this region is far off the trodden paths.