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The 50 Treasures of Kenya Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge about Kenya and win fabulous prizes with the '50 Treasures of Kenya' Quiz!

All it requires: Answer 15 questions and gain as many score points as possible. If you become one of the 'Know Kenya' champions, you will win fantastic prizes, including a scenic helicopter flight and a real Kenya safari!

How can you win?

  • Access the trivia questionnaire form below
  • Fill in your name, email, mobile number and region; contact data are handled strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties; only questionnaires with complete participants' information can enter
  • Give the right answers; most answers can be found while surfing on www.50treasuresofkenya.org
  • The harder the question, the higher the score points for the right answer
  • Entrants are entitled to deliver only one trivia questionnaire
  • Only completely filled forms submitted before 16th February 2014 can participate, unless the deadline is extended by the organizers
  • Team members, contracted personnel of the 50 Treasures of Kenya and their direct family members are not allowed to participate
  • Participants with most score points win the prizes, the higher the score, the better the prize won; when there is a tie in score points after tallying or there are more entries with qualifying score points than prizes, a raffle will decide upon the winners
  • Prizes will only be delivered within Kenya; to claim their prizes, winners must produce a valid ID or passport; all winners shall be announced on this website
  • Prizes not claimed within one month of the disclosure of the quiz results are returned to the organizers and handed on to other winners

Share the quiz with your friends and challenge them. Prove you are a 'Know Kenya' champion!

Good luck!

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