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#15 Tsavo West

How many travelers have driven on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway without sensing the multi-facetted wilderness that invites them at the roadside for an unforgettable experience? Lush emerald hills, fascinating lava flows of red and black, underground caves, swelling, crystal clear springs, vast grasslands, torrential rivers and even a gentle lake – all that is preserved by Kenya's second biggest national park. But this is not where its attractions end. Tsavo West is known for some of the best rock climbing and safari experiences in Kenya and all the Big Five, and especially large herds of elephants, roam it. The park also holds significant historic sites from World War I and the place of gruesome massacres by the famed man-eater lions of Tsavo at the railway bridge crossing Tsavo River. When are you branching off the highway to experience one of Africa’s greatest parks?