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#30 Turkana, North

Stretching from the northern banks of Turkwel River to the distant borders of Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia, the Turkana North Treasure is hard to reach, but very rewarding to travel. Lossuk and Loima Hills – amongst other beautiful mountains ranges – give the visitor's eye a point to focus in the endless open. Other places that inevitably raise attention are the fringes of the Omo river delta on the very northern tip of Lake Turkana, the thick palm groves of Eliye Springs as well as Central Island, which holds three crater lakes that constitute an important hatching site for the continent’s single biggest crocodile population. Culturally, the living ways of the Turkana pastoralists are truly fascinating, as are archeological findings of significance. Due to lacking infrastructure and hot climate, the journey up north is not for the faint-hearted. Your reward: The intrepid Kenya!