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#16 Ukambani

A region worthy of a diversion as you travel between Nairobi and Mombasa is Kamba land, or Ukambani. Generally misconceived as a barren stretch of land haunted by droughts, it guarantees unforgettable travel experiences. The thick forests of Ol Doinyo Sabuk National Park, the spectacular 14 Falls, the undulating Iveti Hills covered by forests and coffee trees near Machakos and the green Makongo valley with its allusion to an Italian countryside will all paint a new image for you. But even the drier parts of Ukambani will impress: the Yatta plateau is the longest lava stream in the world, and the vast country between Kibwezi and Kitui is dotted with thousands of mighty baobab trees. The art of woodcarving, explosive Kamba dances and some of the oldest mission stations in Kenya provide exceptional cultural experiences, so, are you ready to be surprised by Kamba land?